Cebaco Island Tour (beach)

USD 55.00 p/p

Minimum group size: 6 people


The itinerary includes a visit to Restingue Island (Tintorera), which doesn't offer much for snorkeling but does feature an incredible beach. We also visit Caleta Beach, known for the quality and transparency of its turquoise waters. During the rainy season, on this same tour, we manage to appreciate a waterfall cascading into the sea with an incredible height to pass by and enjoy its natural freshwater. (A significant part of the day will be spent on this beach).

New and clean boats equipped with communication radios, GPS, and awnings to cover from the sun or rain.

**The guide and captain assess weather conditions, tides, and currents while being in Cébaco, so the aforementioned points to visit may change during the tour.**

Meeting point: Office 7:50 AM

Tour arrival: 4:00 PM

Private Cebaco Island Tour

We also offer private tours to Cebaco Island so that your family, colleagues, or friends can enjoy an unforgettable experience in this paradise.

  • Maximum group of 4 people at USD $300.00.


Meeting point:

Mapa de Isla Cebaco


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