Tour Full Day Coiba

USD 65.00 p/p

+ Park entrance fee. $5 for Panamanians and $20 for foreigners.


Parque Nacional Coiba is an incredible marine gem in the Panamanian Pacific, consisting of 38 islands with magnificent flora and fauna, often referred to as the Galapagos of Panama. Located in the perfect marine corridor, it is home to countless species such as Humpback Whales, Whale Sharks, Dolphins, Turtles, sharks, and many more animals.

On this tour from Santa Catalina beach, we will visit 4 of Coiba's islands where we will have the opportunity to make 3 different stops for snorkeling, allowing us to enjoy a natural aquarium. Every day, we can enjoy sightings of turtles, reef sharks, manta rays, and countless fish of different sizes and colors.

Included in this tour is a stop at the main island of Coiba where the park ranger station is located. Here, we can enjoy a short hike to the lookout point and sometimes observe monkeys.

We will visit Isla Ranchería (Coibita) where you can enjoy one of the best islands and beaches in the park. Here, we will also have the opportunity to see large crocodiles in a small river behind the beach.

We also do dolphin watching on the way to or from Coiba, with a lot of luck in both directions as an added bonus.

It should be mentioned that during different whale seasons (June-October) and Whale Shark seasons (December-March), we also conduct these sightings on the same tour (nature is a matter of luck).

Meeting point: Office 7:50 AM

Tour arrival: 4:00 PM

Distance to Coiba: 1 hour and 30 minutes by boat.

  • Main part of Coiba (Visitor Center, Hike, and monkeys)
  • Islands: Cocos grande y pequeño (Beach and Snorkel)
  • Island Ranchería (beach)
  • Island Canales (beach and snorkel)

New and clean boats equipped with communication radios, GPS, and awnings to cover from the sun or rain.

**Guide and captain evaluate weather conditions, tides, and currents while in Coiba, so the aforementioned points to visit may change during the tour.**

Privates Tours to Coiba Island

At Unlimited Adventures Coiba, we also offer you the option to book a private tour to the Coiba Archipelago for your group of friends, family, or colleagues. 

  • Up to 4 people for USD $500 + park entrance fee.


Meeting point:

Coiba Map


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