Cébaco Island tour.

Know the charms of another jewel.

On this tour, lasting a full day, we will show you the charms of another of Panama’s natural gems.

The island of Cébaco, has an area of 80 square km and the third largest in the country. It has a small local population, which is mainly dedicated to fishing, although in recent years, and partly thanks to the arrival of tourists, they have also focused on sport fishing.

The itinerary includes a visit to Restingue Island to snorkel and visit its beach, and Caleta Beach, known for the quality and transparency of its turquoise blue waters. On this beach you will spend most of the day, so you can fully enjoy one of the best beaches in the central Pacific and you can remember your visit as a true day of relaxation and adventure.

You can do, if you wish, a hiking route around the island of Cébaco and get to know it a little more thoroughly. You can also visit the town and enjoy the exquisite local gastronomy with a strong tradition to try the freshest fish and seafood.


In this tour, as in all our tours, we will take you on new boats, all equipped with awnings, radio communication, GPS, 200HP engine and as I can not miss, sound equipment!




Departures from Santa Catalina at 8:30 AM.

Arrivals to Santa Catalina, in the afternoon, between 3:30 and 4:30 PM.

Duration of the trip: 50 minutes.

Minimum 6 persons.

Life insurance included.

Every day of the week.

Price: $ 55 USD per person .

We include